Monday, 6 November 2017

Exclusive Gun & Knife Seminar

We're happy to announce that International Instructor, Master Vladimir Grachev will be hosting an Exclusive Gun and Knife Seminar in both Centurion (18th November) and Ballito (8th December).

Be sure to Reserve your Seat - as spaces are limited and it will be a first-come-first serve basis.


Thursday, 10 August 2017

SA GTF Team Achieves Excellent Results at SA Nationals

A group of 13 Competitors from the Martial Arts Masters Academy, Centurion Dojang, recently competed at the recent SAKMAA SA National Championships in Potchefstroom, with excellent results.  

The Team of 13 achieved a total of 36 Medals.  11 Gold - 14 Silver - 11 Bronze. 

The Team wishes to thank Master Grachev for his excellent instruction and coaching. Thank you Sir.

We are proud of the attitude shown and your achievements. Well done Team. 

SA GTF Team with Master Vladimir Grachev - Day One

Kayla:  Continuous and Point Sparring:  Bronze.  
Matthew:  Continuous Sparring - Bronze.  

Sebastian: Pattern - Silver / Continuous Sparring:  Bronze.  
Carla: Continuous and Point Sparring:  Silver.

Madia - Combat - Silver.    
Sonneline: 3 Gold (Pattern / Nun-chuck Continuous Sparring) - Points Sparring Silver - Combat: Bronze.  
Julie: 2 Gold - Combat Weapons & Point Sparring,  2 Silver - Patterns & Continuous Sparring
Matthew: 2 Silver - (Continuous and Point Sparring).   Jacque: 3 Gold (Continuous and Point Sparring and Combat Weapon). 1 Bronze: Wooden weapon pattern.

Miki - 3 Gold (Pattern / Continuous and Point Sparring and Combat Silver.    
Collin: 3 x Silver (Wood Pattern / Combat & Points Sparring)  - Continuous Sparring: Bronze.    
Kohn:  3 Bronze (Wooden pattern / Continuous and Point Sparring).  
Ruan: 2 Silver - Wood Weapon / Continuous Sparring - 1 Bronze (Point Sparring).

SA Team with Master Vladimir Grachev - Day Two 

Monday, 24 July 2017

SA GTF Team Wins 3rd Place Overall in Euro/Asia Championships - Cyprus July 2017

Congratulations to the South African GTF Team for winning 3rd place overall in the Euro/Asia Championships. 17 countries partook in the international championships. We wish to thank all the Grand Masters and Masters for hosting this event and to Master Vladimir Grachev our Instructor and Coach - without his expertise and training - this achievement would not have been possible. Thank you! #SAGTFTeam #TaekwonDo

SA Team with GTF President and Honorary Grand Master Mrs. Linda Park,
GTF Grand Masters, Masters and the President of TRNC. 

SA GTF Team & 2nd Overall Winner Kazhakstan Team with
Master Vladimir Grachev & SaBum Nim Demid Grachev

Master Grachev and SA Team appearing in the National Papers of Cyprus.

Excellent Results for SA GTF Taekwon-Do Black Belt Team at Euro/Asia Championships - Cyprus July 2017

Congratulations to out South African GTF Taekwon-do Black Belt Team on their excellent results at the GTF Taekwon-Do Euro/Asia Championships held in Cyprus.
Miki Oshua (II Degree) – Gold Sparring & Silver Patterns
Humaira Khan (I Degree) – Gold Sparring & Gold Patterns
Kai Weinzheimer (I Degree) - Gold Sparring
Pieter Pienaar (I Degree) - Silver Sparring
Johannes Kohn (I Degree) - Silver Sparring
Collin Naidoo (I Degree) - Silver Sparring
Ruan Janse van Rensburg (I Degree) - Silver Sparring

A sincere thank you to Master Grachev for his Coaching and Instruction. Thank you Sir!

SA GTF Black Belt Team with SA GTF President and Master Mr. Vladimir Grachev

SA GTF Team here with GTF President and Honarary Grand Master Mrs. Linda Park and
USA GTF President Mr. Manny Quiles.

South African GTF Colour Belt Team Results - Euro/Asia Championships Cyprus - July 2017

Congratulations to our South African GTF Taekwon-do Colour Belt Team for their excellent results from the Euro/Asia Championships held in Cyprus.

Seen here with Hon. Grand Master and GTF President Mrs Linda Park, Grand Master Francisco Paco Beloso​, USA GTF President Manny Quiles​, SA GTF President & Instructor Master Vladimir Grachev.

Sonneline Wools – Green Belt – Silver Sparring – Gold Patterns
Madia Olivier – Green Belt – Gold Patterns
Vanessa Moodley – Green Belt – Gold Patterns
Jacque Heymans – Green Belt – Gold & Bronze Sparring & Gold Patterns
Desiree Moodley – Yellow Belt – Silver Patterns
Merlene Munusamy – Yellow Belt – Gold Patterns

Children Colour Belt Results:
Sebastian du Plessis-Holemans – Green-Blue Stripe - Gold Sparring – Bronze Patterns

The Team wishes to thank Master Grachev for his coaching and excellent Instruction. Thank you Sir!